13 Important Facts about Georgia

1. Georgia – the homeland of Europeans. 1.8 million years old
skulls from Dmanisi are the oldest remains of humans
discovered outside Africa

2. Georgia is the first the most ecologically diverse country in
Europe. There are 12 different climate zones and 49 types of

3. Georgian unique alphabet is among 14 independent alphabets
in the world

4. Cradle of Wine – Ancient Georgian traditional Qvevri
winemaking method is included in UNESCO’s Intangible
Cultural Heritage of Humanity

5. Europe’s highest permanently inhabited settlements are
villages Bochorna (2,327 m) and Ushguli (2,200 m)

6. World’s oldest honey remains (about 5,500 years old) were
discovered in Georgia, near Borjomi

7. Georgian Polyphonic Folk Music has been proclaimed by
UNESCO as Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of

8. World’s hottest thermal water was discovered in Georgia,
village Kindghi (104 °C)

9. The fence of Sighnaghi Fortress with its area size is the 1 st in
Europe and 2 nd in the world after the Great Wall of China

10. There are 23 cultural species of the wheat in the world,
among which 14 species are Georgian endemic

11. Dambalkhacho, a rare sort of Georgian cottage cheese
has been added to the list of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural
Heritage of Humanity

12. Kutaisi (2,000 BC) and Mtskheta (1,100 BC) are among
the world’s 15 ancient cities

13. The oldest thread in the world (34,000-year- old Wild Flax
Fibers) was discovered in Georgia, Dzudzuana Cave