About Us

Georgia and Asia- Africa Chamber of Commerce (GAACC) was officially established by the International Relations Centre in 2017. GAACC has been designed to unify and connect successful people from Asia and Africa.

GAACC is a nonprofit organization, which provides an excellent platform for different business operators to share their experiences and develop strong relationships. The main task of our organization is to provide any assistance to people engaged in trade and business for their success. We have high standards of job commitment and development. The prior intention of the GAACC is to bring relations between business people of different nationalities closer and enhance mutual understanding. Our Chamber follows the principles of bilateral benefit and respects national sovereignty and territorial integrity of each country.

GAACC is a cohesive, hardworking group. Our international team members can speak different languages. In our Chamber, we have very smart and affluent representatives and the owners of very successful businesses in local and international markets. At present, the GAACC cooperates with various foreign organizations and the tendency of further development is still growing.