Membership Packages

  • Corporate A Member

Annual Membership Fee – USD 2, 800

  • Corporate A Member must meet at least one of the following criteria:
  1. A company founded or incorporated in Asia or Africa, whose HQ is located in Asia or Africa, with the majority of its Board of Directors, officers, or shareholders being one of the Asian/African countries’ citizens.
  2. A company in which more than 30 percent of the ultimate beneficial ownership belongs to one or more Asian/African citizens.
  3. A Georgian-registered legal entity that operates with Asian/African customers.
  4. A Georgian legal entity with significant trading activity of export-import of goods and services in/from Asia or Africa.
  5. A company registered in Georgia having a franchise agreement to do business under a major recognized Asian/African brand.
  • Corporate B Member

Annual Membership Fee – USD 1, 200  

  • Corporate B Member is the legal entity, that shows eagerness to fulfill the purposes of the Chamber and is a commercial legal entity doing business in Georgia and, therefore, is permitted to participate in Chamber activities and may attend official meetings as well. It may appoint two individuals as its representatives.
  • Corporate C Member

Annual Membership Fee – USD 500

  • Corporate C Member is a Georgian-registered legal entity (small enterprise), (I) whose turnover does not exceed 1 million GEL, (II) the average number of employees in the reporting period does not exceed 10.
  • International Member

Annual Membership Fee – USD 800

  • International Member is a company or individual from any country of the world who wishes to support the Chamber and its activities, receive news from the Chamber, and take part in Chamber activities when in Georgia. International Members are not entitled to vote.
  • NPO (Non-Profit Organization)

Annual Membership Fee – USD 400

  • NPO is an organization registered in Georgia or Asia/Africa, which (I) exists for educational or charitable purposes, (II) does not pay out profits to its founders, members, trustees or similar stakeholders, and (III) is recognized under Georgian law as a non-commercial or non-profit organization. Such member may participate in GAACC activities and may attend GAACC meetings but may not vote.